Describe the innate immune system barriers that HIV would need to overcome.

In this assignment, you will be identifying the role of the Immune System during a HIV infection.

Identify HIV and how it infects cells.
Describe the innate immune system barriers that HIV would need to overcome. Provide specific examples of the components of the innate immune system and their roles.
Describe the adaptive immune response to HIV. Discuss the components of the adaptive immune response, including the roles of macrophages, antigen, antibody, and B and T-cells.
Compare a specific fungal infection between a non-immunocompromised and an immunocompromised person with special reference to AIDS patients. Why are AIDS patients vulnerable to opportunistic infections?

Please use the Unit 7 Assignment Worksheet provided for this assignment.


Your worksheet should be a minimum of 500 words
Be sure that your grammar, sentence structure, and word usage is appropriate.
Use at least two reliable, academic resources.
Cite sources using APA style.
Refer to Academic Tools for APA resources.

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