Define how reverse logistics practices can benefit a company.

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Assignment 6: Week 8 Final Exam Instructions RLMT620 Final Exam Write a 200 word (minimum) paragraph on each of the following learning objectives explaining what you have learned in this course. You cannot quote or use any written material from your assignments, nor any readings from this class, nor any reading from any other source. These answers are to be your own words. It is what you personally have learned from this course regarding these topics, these learning objectives. You need a title or cover page. There is no need for a reference page as you will be using no references. Use the following as your headings for each paragraph you write below that heading. LO- 1 Define how reverse logistics practices can benefit a company.

Wk 1 LO- 2. Identify value opportunities for organizations within their reverse logistics operations. Wk 2 LO-3. Explain the relationship between resource deployment and reverse logistics performance. Wk 4 LO-4. Summarize the latest empirical studies related to the best practices in reverse logistics. Wk 3 LO- 5. Argue how reverse logistics operations can improve customer service and provide a competitive advantage. Wk 5 LO- 6. Describe how benchmarking can be a critical aspect of performance management in reverse logistics operations. Wk 7 LO- 7. Compare best practices for resource allocation in reverse logistics operations. Wk 6 LO-8 Recommend strategies of resource commitments related to innovation, technology and sustainability in reverse logistics that impact reverse logistics performance in an organization. Wk 8

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