Conduct Quantitative Analysis – Management

Conduct Quantitative Analysis – Management


Your manager, Pat Williams, invites you to meet again to discuss another project. It turns out that Cybertech’s competitors have been closing in on market share. Pat asks you to analyze data about the company’s workforce and to prepare an analysis of its current composition.

The report is due in two weeks. Your quantitative analysis will be used to advise the company’s management on the cost of doing business, and how to achieve success and income revenues, as well as make recommendations on the allocation of salaries across the company. Pat explains more about the requirements. Pat asks that your report must consider personnel by organizational roles, salaries, length of service, level of education, age, race, gender, marital status, and region. Pat explains that your analysis will be reviewed to determine how the company’s employee demographics compare with industry peers and competitors. You learn that you will present your report to leadership at their quarterly strategic planning meeting. You know that you’ll need to use your statistical skills and technical skills to identify and manipulate the data. You’ll also need to draw relevant conclusions based on quantitative reasoning.

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