Compose a research paper that addresses the topic of applying the concept to analyse a specific circumstance.

Ethical Argument Essay #3 Prompt (100 points-2-3pages in length; three full pages minimum)

Directions: Choose one of the following topics for this assignment. You must use at least two different sources (readings from our textbook) to help support your argument. These are some general ideas, but you are welcome to choose a different approved topic.

Guns do not belong in the classroom setting with teachers, students, or administrators.
Current United States Administration decisions and policies.
School’s extreme measures in keeping students safe. How far is too far?
Other (I strongly encourage you to find a topic that calls to you and interests you. You must contact me to request a personalized topic. If you create a topic independently without my approval, you will receive a zero for the assignment. I want to make sure you will be able to find enough information to support your argument.)
Readings from the textbook discussing ethics will be helpful for you to use in this essay. Consider reading the first couple of pages in the Ethics chapter in the textbook to help brainstorm your ideas.

Structuring your ethical argument essay:

Establish the context for the argument.
Establish the ethical principle of the argument.
Explain the need for discussing the topic.
Present the essay’s main point.
Present the essay’s thesis statement.
Body Paragraphs
Topic sentences linking back to and supporting the thesis statement.
Provide an overview of the situation.
Explain the ethical principle.
Analyze the particular situation on the basis of the principle.
Other evidence supporting the thesis statement: Facts, statistics, expert opinions, charts, graphs, scientific findings, etc.
More details.
Refutation of Opposing arguments.
Address questions about or objections to the thesis statement.
Acknowledging opposing arguments.
Using the opposing argument to re-strengthen the thesis statement’s position.
Reinforce the thesis statement.
Reinforce the evidence presented.
Concludes with final thoughts on the argument.
Must be strong and reinforce everything you have argued in your essay.
Works Cited
You must have a works cited page.
The works cited page does not count towards the page length requirement.

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