Compose a research paper outlining the practical applications of integrated circuits.

Compose a research paper outlining the practical applications of integrated circuits.utilize an event a person would typically attend where you observe resources that may be associated with a planned event. For example; I just attended a fair where, I observed police officers on fixed posts, police officers patrolling on golf carts, firefightersmedical staff staging with golf carts and ambulances, bomb squad vehicle staging, a child lost and found section, a law enforcement communication vehicle platform, cellular trailers, and so on.

Try to give examples of some things you would add and try to think ahead. For example, think of issues such as if lots of people gather in a specific location. It is easy to think about having emergency workers on the scene in case something happens, but what about thinking ahead to bring in cell phone tower trailers to allow for all of the additional cell phone traffic that would overload the tower(s) in the area and could negatively affect communications.

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