Compose a research paper examining the impact of COVID-19 on multinational corporations.

Individual project: You will submit an individual word document at the end of the semester. Specifically, you
need to choose one of the topics that we covered throughout the semester such as the implications of Covid for
MNCs. You need to go deep and analyze in depth how this topic applies to an MNC (or MNCs in a specific
industry) of your choice. For example, if you choose the topic on the implications of political risk on MNCs,
you can choose a specific MNC (e.g., McDonald’s) and analyze how this MNC was affected by a source of
political risk (e.g., Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or Israel/Hamas War). You could include a timeline of the
Russian invasion of Ukraine and gather evidence from credible media sources and scholarly academic articles
on which steps McDonald’s followed given this timeline during its exit strategy from Russia and/or Ukraine. In
your individual project, you need to avoid including generic arguments – intuitive set of arguments developed
by someone who did not take this class. Instead, you need to explicitly link your arguments to the topics and
discussions that we covered throughout the semester. This way, your project should not only show me that you
took and learnt from this class but also it is written by someone who has the intellectual ability and motivation
to gather relevant evidence coming from credible media sources and scholarly work published at top-tier peer-
reviewed scholarly journal articles.
The primary determinant of your grade will be your intellectual ability to apply topics covered throughout the
semester to the MNC(s) that you choose. You should not have the unrealistic expectation that you will earn a
high grade for turning in an average quality paper. For instance, all else equal, an individual project that
includes generic arguments on the negative implications of COVID for the headquarters of an MNC (e.g.,
unpredictability in demand) will receive a lower grade than another one that includes both negative and positive
implications of COVID for the headquarters, foreign subsidiaries, employees, leaders, etc. of an MNC (e.g.,
potential flexibility via virtual leadership, potential increases in organizational adaptability in the next crises).
All claims must be supported with theories that we will cover throughout the semester as well as relevant
evidence, which can come from academic sources and/or credible popular press accounts. Typically, graduate
students devote about 10 pages for individual projects; however, the quality – not the length of your paper – will
determine your grade. In addition to the quality of your arguments and how well you link them to class
materials, your writing quality will also affect your grade. Typos (e.g., affect vs. effect in the previous
sentence), grammatically incorrect sentences, unprofessional language, etc. will substantially lower your grade.

Carefully follow instructions. Please choose COVID’s Effects on Multi-National Corporations as the topic and choose one company besides Mc Donalds to go into detail. Review the slides attached and use as much as possible from the keywords used in class. Tie it in to the Emerging Markets topic as well. Also please use key words like the Genie Coefficient, GDP per capita, corruption etc.

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