Compose a research paper addressing the topic of how technology might enhance workplace safety.

Compose a research paper addressing the topic of how technology might enhance workplace safety.Carefully examine the three case studies in Chapter 7 of your textbook. Select the Prevention (hard stop alerts on meds), Identification (LOS, postoperative), or Action (mortality and sepsis) case study and answer its questions in a three- to five-page paper. Additionally, describe how the case you selected fits and exemplifies the characteristics of a high-reliability organization.
Your paper should be in APA format and include one additional source to support your claims, along with the Chapter 7 reference.

case study 3:
One academic health system charged its health IT and quality improvement
experts with analyzing the system’s mortality outcomes from sepsis. The
group chose percent mortality in sepsis (i.e., the percentage of patients
with sepsis who died) as the key metric to evaluate. Exhibit 7.12 shows the
baseline data for the institution’s percent mortality in sepsis, showing that,
on average, 39.25 percent of patients with sepsis died from it.
The partnership with health IT provided the baseline data needed to
develop an action plan to improve outcomes. Along with the outcome metric
shown in exhibit 7.12, multiple process measures were obtained, revealing
clear gaps in performance and opportunities for improvement. Through
detailed process mapping—incorporating both direct observations of the
process and brainstorming sessions with the care delivery team to discuss
barriers to timely interventions and assessments—the team developed a
practical, visual algorithm that was ready to be “test-driven” on paper. The
improvement was developed to blend into the workflow at the bedside and
turn an often complex and chaotic process into a streamlined and predict-
able one. Still missing, though, was the anywhere/anytime access afforded
by having this process embedded in the EHR.

David Nash. (2019). The Healthcare Quality Book: Vision, Strategy, and Tools, Fourth Edition: Vol. Fourth edition. Health Administration Press.

please use the paper template as an example

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