Case Study: Literacy Skills Intervention Plan.

Background: a recent graduate, Anna is excited about her first teaching position in a Pre-K through 5 classroom. However, she quickly realizes that her students exhibit varying levels of proficiency in language and emergent literacy skills. Many students struggle with phonemic awareness and phonics, impacting their overall reading abilities. Anna is determined to address these challenges but feels overwhelmed and unsure about the most effective strategies.

Situation: Anna’s class is diverse, with students from different linguistic backgrounds and varying exposure to literacy-rich environments. She notices that some students have difficulty recognizing and manipulating sounds, while others struggle with decoding and phonics rules. Anna recognizes the importance of early intervention but is unsure about the best approach to address these issues comprehensively.

Specific Challenges:

Limited phonemic awareness: Several students struggle with identifying and manipulating individual sounds in words.
Phonics difficulties: Many students have challenges connecting letters to sounds and decoding unfamiliar words.
Heterogeneous Classroom: Anna’s class consists of students with varying language abilities, making differentiation a crucial but challenging aspect of instruction.
Assessment Findings: After conducting phonological assessments, Anna discovers that a significant portion of her students fall below grade-level expectations in both phonemic awareness and phonics. This data highlights the urgency of targeted intervention and the need for differentiated instruction to address individual needs.


Enhance students’ phonemic awareness skills.
Strengthen students’ grasp of phonics and decoding strategies.
Foster a supportive and inclusive literacy environment.
Your Tasks for this assignment which is delivered in two (2) parts:

Part 1

Developing Intervention Plans:

Create individualized intervention plans for students based on their specific phonological assessment results. Consider various instructional methods and materials to address both phonemic awareness and phonics.
Differentiated Instruction:

Propose strategies for differentiating instruction in a heterogeneous classroom, taking into account the diverse linguistic backgrounds and varying literacy levels of students.
Interactive Learning Activities:

Design engaging and interactive activities that specifically target phonemic awareness and phonics skills. Ensure these activities cater to diverse learning styles and abilities within the classroom.
Teacher-Student Collaboration:

Suggest ways for Anna to collaborate with her students in the learning process, fostering a positive and inclusive literacy community.
Monitoring and Adjusting:

Develop a plan for monitoring student progress, implementing formative assessments, and adjusting instructional strategies as needed. Emphasize the importance of ongoing assessment to inform instruction.
Parental Involvement:

Propose strategies for involving parents in supporting their children’s language and emergent literacy development at home. Consider resources or workshops that could be provided to parents.

Part 2:

After you have developed your Intervention Plan, include a Response to the Following Discussion Points below:

What instructional strategies align with best practices in developing phonemic awareness and phonics skills?
How can differentiation be effectively implemented to address the diverse needs of students in the classroom?
What role does a supportive and inclusive classroom environment play in fostering language and emergent literacy development?
How can ongoing assessment and data-driven decision-making contribute to the success of literacy intervention efforts?

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