Briefly summarize each of the four misconceptions.

For this week’s assignment, write a 3-paragraph reflection on Chapter 1 of Shifting the Balance by focusing on the four misconceptions presented. In your response, address the following points:

1. Briefly summarize each of the four misconceptions. I know that some words don’t have logical synonym or useful replacements, but where possible, aim to use your own words and phrasing.
2. Provide your thoughts, questions, or concerns regarding each misconception.

3. Discuss any potential implications or consequences of these misconceptions in the context of teaching reading.
Your response should adhere to academic standards and Standard English conventions. You can submit your reflection in the text box below or as an attached file.

Remember, the goal is to reflect on your learning from this module, rather than simply summarizing the content. Use the prompt as a guide to explore your understanding of Chapter 1 and its relevance to the teaching of reading.

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