Briefly describe the performance setting and which types/genres of music were performed.

I’m going to attend an orchestral concert I will send the information regarding the concert because it is very famous songs. You can easily look up in order to complete the essay as if you were there.
LAPhil: A Century of Film Music
John Williams Spotlight
John Williams guides a journey through cinematic history and the soundtracks that scored
Hollywood’s greatest moments from Vertigo and The Godfatherto Indiana Jones and Batman.

20th Century Fox Fanfare
Main Title from Captain Blood
Miklós RÓZSA
Prelude (Main Title) from Ben-Hur
Sunset Boulevard Suite
Scène d’Amour from Vertigo
“Forest Meeting” and “March” from Spartacus
Cathy’s Theme from Wuthering Heights (with Ms. Wang)
Maurice JARRE
Suite from Lawrence of Arabia
Main Title from Batman
Excerpts from Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The Hunt from Planet of the Apes
Main Title from Once Upon a Time in the West (with Ms. Newman)
The Night Window from 1917
“Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra” from Indiana Jones
Suite from The Godfather
Suite from Back to the Future

professors instructions:

A concert report is required for this class after attendance to a live professional concert. Make sure to plan your concert attendance well in advance so that you can make the scheduled deadlines for your concert report.


You must attend a professional “classical” SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA concert such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Opera, Pacific Symphony, Pasadena Symphony, or some other professional large ensemble concert. Small group concerts or chamber music concerts and recitals are NOT appropriate for this assignment. If you are not sure if a concert is suitable, ask me! You MUST attend a concert with an entire orchestra and a conductor. Write an essay about your experience following these guidelines:


Write an essay about your experience following these guidelines

Typed, free of grammatical and spelling errors
Write 3-5 pages and attach a picture of your ticket stub on a separate page
Briefly describe the performance setting and which types/genres of music were performed. Indicate the historical eras that were represented on the program
List the performing forces and if any verbal remarks that were given. Could you follow the order of the performance?
Did you read about the work(s) before or after the performance? If so, in which source(s)? Site them.
Were there any aspects of the performance that were unfamiliar to you? If so, what? Were there any aspects about the performance that surprised you? Which?
Choose two works from the program and compare and contrast these works with references to specific musical elements. You must choose two separate movements or pieces. Your comparison of individual pieces must form the main discussion in your paper!
State your overall reaction to the concert and additional comments
Please upload the first draft of your 3-5 page paper on CANVAS.

3-5 typed pages
12-point Times New Roman font
Double-spaced on 8.5 x 11 paper with one-inch margins
A heading should be placed in the top-right corner consisting of your name, course title/number, Dr. Mitchell’s name, and the date (single-spaced).
A creative, interesting title and page numbers


The report is about YOUR observations of one live concert of at least 90 total minutes of music. Your live concert choice must be approved by Dr. Mitchell before the performance.
A successful report will address these categories:

1. Performance setting and types of music: give the date, place, and name(s) of groups performing. Briefly describe the performance setting. For example, you might include your observations on the look of the performance space, performers’ attire, audience’s attire, etc. and how it affected your concert-viewing experience. Which types/genres of music were performed (symphony, opera, solo, chamber, etc.)? What pieces did you hear? Who were the composers, and what are their historical eras?

2. The main body of your report (about 3 pages long) should focus on accurately applying the knowledge gained in this class to the specific music you heard. Narrow your focus to two movements or short pieces from the concert video, and do one or more of the following:
a. Choose two movements or short pieces from the program contrast/compare these works with references to specific musical elements.
b. Choose two movements or short pieces, and give an overview of their overall character. What types of moods or feelings did they evoke? (refer to specific musical elements in your descriiption)
c. Choose the music composition you liked best, and describe why, using specific musical elements. Choose the music composition you liked least and describe why, using musical elements. Use YOUR ears (not the internet’s ideas). Listen for the basic elements discussed in class, and apply them to the music. Try to highlight what really “stuck out” to you about the musical selections highlighted in this section.

3. Evaluate your concert-viewing experience: What did you enjoy about the performance? What would have improved your experience? How did the performance fit or surprise your expectations? Were there any aspects of the performance that were unfamiliar or surprising to you? If so, what? What was the overall reaction of the audience or people in the audience (if there was one)? Watch it with a family member/friend, and write a little about their concert impressions.
You must do ALL of the above-listed requirements in order to earn full credit. Take a look at the Rubric to make sure that you have

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