Workplace violence


Workplace safety is one of the significant requirements that an organisation should put into consideration. Safety issues can be viewed from two major perspectives, that is, workplace violence and safety risks associated with the architectural design of the operational workplace making it prone to falls and site accidents. It is therefore imperative for a company that deals with the manufacturing to ensure that there are sufficient policies to ensure workplace safety, especially if it is more involved in outdoor activities (Kun et al, 2009). This paper outlines the plans and policies that the company should implement in order to prevent traumatic injuries because of slips and falls at the company and ways in which the company should address workplace violence.

Prevention of traumatic slips and falls

Traumatic falls and slips are usually due to the intervention design of the workplace, and in some cases, it is caused by ignorance of the workers. The most important approach to controlling the problem is improving the workplace design, putting into consideration the ergonometric parameters that are required for effective working environment that do not put the health of the worker at risk (Kun et al, 2009).

The first effective approach to reducing workplace slips is ensuring that are minimal instances of slippery and wet surfaces. Most of the workplace environment in the company entails walking, and slippery surfaces account for most of the accidents at the workplace. In places where the walking surface must be slippery, there should a warning that is clearly visible to the user of the surface informing of the condition of the walking surface and the appropriate cautionary measures that one should take. Traction in wet areas can be significantly improved through using appropriate anti-skid tapes, use of surface mats that are effective in absorbing moisture, and programs that are aimed for immediate cleaning of spills that may occur (Gallant-Roman, 2008).

The second approach to reducing slips and falls at the workplace is maintaining a proper lighting system. Illumination is required to increase vision response, which is a significant requirement for reducing accidents in less illuminated areas. The switches should be easily accessible, it is also important that appropriate program for repairs and fixtures be implemented (Gallant-Roman, 2008).

The third strategy in reducing slips and fall is avoiding the placement of obstructions in areas that are highly deemed as walkways. Obstacles can result to trips, which in turn can inflict injuries to the person. This can be minimized by avoiding loose and hanging cables that cut across pathways and the carrying out of continuous inspections that check for hazards associated with slips and trips at the working environment (Kun et al, 2009).

Appropriate footwear also plays an important role in minimizing accidents that are associated with falls and trips. Employs are required to put on appropriate footwear that matches the task. Controlling the behavior of the workers also plays an important role in minimizing workplace accidents. Employees should be restrained from using cell phones in work areas that are extremely dangerous, and they should avoid carrying items that might obstruct their vision.

Prevention workplace violence

Workplace violence is primarily caused by human factors. For the case of the microchip company, the most profound workplace violence types are type 1 that is caused by criminals who gain access to the working environment, type 3 that is caused by rows within the workplace and type 4 that is due to outside individuals who are have a relationship with the employee (Baron, 2000).

Eliminating type 1 violence primarily entails the use of methods that are aimed at ensuring that outsider access is limited. This type of workplace violence can be reduced through use of physical barriers for protection. Monitoring activities through video surveillance and the deployment of silent alarms and panic buttons can serve as an effective way of reducing violence that may be inflicted by outsiders. The most effective way of minimizing such a kind of violence is to limit access to the facility through appropriate security and authentication procedures (Baron, 2000).

Workplace violence that can occur within the organisation can be reduced through enhancing organizational culture, which is aimed at motivating the workers that they are an important part of the organisation. It is also important to have a well-written policy concerning the consequences of participation in workplace violence. Setting up an avenue through which employees can report their problems is also important in reducing workplace violence (Baron, 2000).

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