What is a Nation?

• 4. What is a Nation?
Please prepare a list of ‘things’ that define a nation!
Your list must be comprehensive but should not exceed three pages!
Use at least three different sources.
Please remember keep track of all the sources that you choose to draw information from by creating an ongoing reference list.
Prepare the reference list in APA format.

5. National Sovereignty: Theoretical Concepts
Please define and describe the theoretical concept of national sovereignty.
Provide at least three definitions or descriptions.
Cite your sources. Do not exceed one page!

6. National Sovereignty: Applied Current Examples
Please provide very brief descriptions of at least three current examples of applied national sovereignty. Try to get examples from different continents!
Cite all sources using APA style formatting.
This assignment should not exceed one page!
7. International Relationships
What exactly is an international relationship?

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