Visual Arts Education

1. Dinham, J. (2011). Being an Effective Teacher in the Arts (see attached Document)

This week’s reading focuses on what it means to be an effective teacher in the visual arts. Despite gaps in one’s knowledge and experience of the Arts it is possible to become a very competent teacher but this requires a commitment to professional development and an enthusiasm for the subject area.

Write a paragraph (approx. 300 words) in response to the following question:

Q1 what are some of the useful tips for effective arts teaching that Judith Dinham mentions in the chapter?

Visual Arts Education Reading Q2-
2. Brown, R., Imms, W., Watkins, W. and O’Toole, J. (2009). ���Valuing the Visual Arts’

AND View: Sir Ken Robinson’s talk Do Schools Kill Creativity? (See attached Reading and link to you tube for Sir Ken Robinson talk on do schools kill creativity?)

Write a paragraph (approx. 300 words) in response to the following question:

Q1 View the video of Ken Robinson Do Schools Kill Creativity? Write a half page response. This can be done in dot point form. How do you see Robinson’s claims could be addressed in the primary classroom? How would you change this in terms of your own teaching and curriculum development?

Visual Arts Education Reading Q3
3. Goldberg, M. (2000). ���Seeing a Different Picture: Assessment and the Arts’. (See attached Reading)
Gelineau, R. Phyllis 2004 ‘Art’ In : Integrating the arts across the elementary school curriculum / R. Phyllis Gelineau. Belmont, CA: Thomson/Wadsworth, c2004. Chapter 3, pp. 35-60. (See attached Reading)

Write a paragraph (approx. 300 words) in response to the following questions:

Q1 Assessing student artworks can be quite different to assessing written pieces of work. What do you need to be mindful of when assessing artworks and what kind of criteria might you employ to give a more accurate assessment of learning outcomes?
Q2 Are the elements and principles of art the same thing? Give examples of genres in art. What does ‘style in art’ refer to? What is an, ‘art movement’? List and describe 3 art terms that you were previously unfamiliar with- what do they mean?

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