In the daily life, people suffer from different diseases and disorders inclusive of the mental problems. Out of this people look for the treatments to their problems which happen through curative processes and corrective training with an aim of rehabilitation which is referred as “therapy.” Therefore, there are different approaches to therapy with just one aim: restoration of original condition of the victim. These approaches are dependent on the different therapist of which no approach is said to be superior to the other as long the core aim is achieved. The discussion focuses on psychodynamic and cognitive behavior therapy and the multiaxial approach of the DSM IV TR (Nelson-Jones, 2006).

Both psychodynamic and cognitive therapy approaches, there is a working coalition between the client and the counselor who is refereed as a therapist. In both there is non-judgmental altitude which is marked with great respect to the client conducted by the therapists. The two approaches however differ in their way of approach. Psychodynamic lays emphasis on unconscious motivation where the client is made to understand why there is a need of the change to occur (Nelson-Jones, 2006). Cognitive does not emphasis on the unconsciousness but it focuses on the capability of the client in making changes without having the considerations of why the change has to take place but encourages the client to adapt to the change. Cognitive approach takes less time as compared to psychodynamic thus being less costly.

Culture and the ethic diversity are important aspect that cannot be ignored especially in therapy approaches. The marginalized ethic groups in a society have negative perception concerning the existing therapy systems in that these systems always fail to meet up their needs but instead focuses more on the popular groups. This poses a barrier to the therapy approaches effectiveness. As a result of different values and cultures, it is first important for any therapist to understand on the possible causes of the disorder from the cultural perspective that will enhance proper approach during the therapy process leading to the promotion of the best outcomes.

Multiaxial approach of the DSM IV TR is the non theoretical approach used in diagnosing a disorder. This approach uses five elements when assessing all characteristics of the client’s mental or any emotion health problem. These elements are referred as Axis. Axis I, point up on the clinical syndromes which leads to considerable impairment. Axis II, describes the personality disorder and the intellectual retardation that are disregarded in Axis I. Axis III, describes the medical states that have some influence in the first two Axes. Axis IV, describes psychosocial together with the environmental problems that when examined, they may have impacted Axis I and II. Axis V, involves ranking the patient’s on his general stage of functioning which is referred to as global assessment. The system has advantages and disadvantages.

Basing on its advantages it created a common language which governed the diagnoses procedure which further led to enhanced attention to conduct and the smooth progress in overall skills of the psychopathology. It also created accountability and clear identification of concerns beyond areas of proficiency. On the other hand, it is limited to fake thought concerning the understanding of psychological disorder as being more advanced on high rate than in reality. There are also unnecessarily emphasis on signs and indications of psychological disorders thus exclusion of in-depth consideration of the patient’s problems on the human development. The system also creates excessive fragmentation in the medical states of psychological disorders thus giving patients different diagnoses at the same time. Even though the manual is said to be effective it cannot replace clinical experiences that are outcome of practice and training.

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