The lady with the pet dog

‘The lady with the pet dog’ is a short story by Chekhov, Anton about a man who is not satisfied with his marriage and fell in love with a woman who he met while in his vacation. The story’s main character is called Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov. He has a wife and is a father to a daughter and two sons. He is not in his old age but almost forty years of age. Dmitri got married while he was young, when he was a student in his second year where his mother searched a spouse for her, and ever since has not been faithful to his wife. He expresses his thoughts and hatred feelings towards his wife. ‘He thinks of his wife as unintelligent, narrow and inelegant,’ since she misspells his name every time she called her Dimitri instead of Dmitry. He prefers being away from home and spending time at the bank or at the bar than be at home with his family. This shows his cowardness as he is afraid of his wife and instead of facing her he runs away to Yalta. With his wife’s experience, he considers women as low class and refers to them as ‘lower race’, “… and this was no doubt why he spoke slightingly of women, to whom he referred to as the lower race,” Chekhov, 2007. After a night of walk and talk with Anna, he reminisces about her and claims that there has to be something pathetic about her. This shows that he analyzes all women before he makes love to them. His love for women is so huge that not even two days could go by without having them. He prefers women’s company and being around them more than his fellow men. Around women he feels wholesome and at ease but when with men he is silent and cold. Dmitri is described as good looking and one with a character which attracts women to him and knows how to handle them. In his vacation at Yalta, she meets a woman who captures his attention. We learn that he is mean as he offered to give the dog a bone and not a piece of meat. We also learn that his hometown is Moscow where he owns two houses. While in campus he pursued a degree in arts and is currently working in a bank. He was an opera singer which he did away with.

Chekhov, 2007, in his short story depict Dmitri as perverted as he sleeps with many women whom he describes them and explains there historic experiences, “…he preserved memories of careless, good-natured women, who loved cheerfully and were grateful to him for the happiness he gave them…very beautiful, cold women, on whose faces he had caught a glimpse of a rapacious expression,” Chekhov, 2007. He is able to learn a lot about a woman by her actions without even speaking to her, “…Her expression, her gait, her dress, and the way she did her hair told him that she was a lady, that she was married, that she was in Yalta for the first time and alone, and that she was dull there,” Chekhov, 2007. He moulds her to something he wants her to be and not what he has proven. He kisses Anna at the harbor but with fright hoping that no one saw them kiss then suggests they go to a private place and complete the romance. This shows that he is not confident with the affair and is afraid of his wife or of Anna’s husband. He commits adulterous behavior with Anna who is twice his age younger. He is lonely since at home and at work he has no one to talk to about his new lover. He is daring as he goes to find her lover in her home a

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