The history of Indianapolis Colts

The research about the history of Indianapolis Colts was significantly prompted due to the passion the people of the Indiana state have for American football. The people of Indiana State, over the past years and up to date have had a passion for American football. It has the highest number of American football fans in the United States. This is evidenced by the various American football teams in the various counties of the Indiana state. Just like other residents of Indiana State, I have built my interest on the American football leagues with particular interest to the National football League (NFL) teams .NFL is the most professional American football league in the United States and is the most watched league in the US. The seasons for NFL are always marked with excitement for the American football fans in the United States and the Indiana state is no exception (Hawkes, 2004).The research focuses on the history of Indianapolis Colts team.

The Indianapolis Colts are an American football team that is currently based on Indianapolis in Indiana State. Presently, they play at the south division of the National football League. The Indianapolis colt’s was officially created in 1953 under the name Baltimore Colts, but its history can be traced back to 1913 through the Dayton triangles; one of the founding members of the National Football League. The Colts are known to be first American football team to introduce cheerleaders. The Colts have a place in the history of the American football and National Football League history; they won four championships in the NFL during 1958, 1959, 1968 and super bowl V in 1971 while still based in Baltimore. After relocating to Indianapolis in Indiana the team won the super bowl XLI during 2007. The Indianapolis Colts have also set the record in the NFL League as the first team to win more than 12 games in five consecutive seasons (Chapell & Richards, 2004).

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