The History of Criminal Justice Ethics and Gratuities

Criminal justice is the system of practices and institutions of governments which are directed at upholding the social control, deterring and extenuating crime, and sanctioning those who violate laws with criminal penalties and rehabilitation measures. The system has evolved from those ancient times and has seen some considerable changes in its forms. From our group discussion, there were various issues which evolved from our interaction. From what was eminent from the group, the criminal justice ethics has seen lots of dimensions from the changing customs, political paradigm changes to economical circumstances which as well keep changing. The system has also had to undergo through some major challenge of dealing with corruption and how it dealt with it.
Exile was a common form of punishment during the ancient times all through to the Middle Ages. Another common form of punishment was the payments made to the victim. To those who would not afford to buy their way out could go through some ordeal during the imprisonment that one could barely forget. This predicament therefore remains to surprise many whether any criminal should be offset of the punishment since he or she has money? All these forms of punishments with many more arose from the fact that a person committed some crime or some things which were publicly unacceptable. Although the justice system is there to oversee that the set laws are obeyed and those found wanting are rightfully executed, there still exist some code of behavior through which justice should be administered. Criminal justice ethics therefore comes into play in ensuring that crime and justice have been carried out as expected.
From the discussion, it was evident that, there have been cases when the very people who should be enforcing the law have been found compromising their role. This, when observed through the ethical eyes becomes unacceptable as ethics in every profession should help guide those involved in knowing what is right and doing it as they shun the vices. Such situation makes it necessary to have a way of checking the very systems of justice if they are performing as expected.
As a discussion group, I feel we could have had a better insight on the ethical issues found in the justice system and forms when gratuity should be applied. The group could have yielded much better results if we could have gone to the extent of facing some case studies of the various instances were ethics needed to be applied but didn’t due to some reasons. We could have also purposed to find some ongoing cases in the courts which could have helped show the situation as it is. The major setback in the administering of justice is the various cases were the victims of the law would offer some gratuities as a way of soliciting their crimes. A major concern however has been those moments when the law enforcers are given the gifts and gratuity as some form of appreciation but not as bribery to justice. Since ethics tries to show what the right and the wrong thing should be done, there are times when it becomes entirely difficult to draw the line between the good and the bad especially when it comes to gratuities.

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