The ER that Became the Emergency: Managing the Double Bind

Words: 123
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

Case #19
The ER that Became the Emergency: Managing the Double Bind

text required for completing assignment

Cases in Health Services Management, Fifth Edition,
Jonathon Rakich, Beaufort Longest, Kurt Darr, Baltimore: Health Professions
Press, 2010.

A case study write-up must be typewritten, 4 to 6 pages in length, double spaced. This is
exclusive of any tables or charts that you may include in the text or append to the writeup.
A cover sheet with the title of the case, your name, the course designation, and the
date must be stapled to the front of the packet of papers. No theme covers please. All
pages (after the cover sheet) must be numbered. Any tables or charts must have titles and
be numbered, e.g. Table X, Figure Y.

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