Summaries Chapter 2 Marketing

Summaries Chapter 2 Marketing

The objective of the weekly summaries is for you to take the reading. In the weekly summaries I expect that you will undertake substantial additional reading in addition to the material presented in class. I expect the weekly summary to contain at least 20 quality references. It will comprise two parts: 1. A general overview of the topic discussed. 2. Specific answers to the discussion question: Chapter 2 Marketing – A, C, D I will provied you with the book chapter also you will find referene page in the end you can use it. In regards to the chapter summary



Marketing can be said to be the process that is responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying the requirements of consumer profitably. Thus it’s the  process of analyzing, planning, implementing, coordinating, pricing, promotion and distribution of products, services and ideas designed to create and maintain beneficial exchange with target markets for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives. (Moutinho, 2000, p. 121)

The international hotel industry:

The hotel industry is said to be   a service industry, as the society has changed both globally and locally most people who have shown to have dispensable income, free time and urge to explore new product inventions have proved to have more awareness and desire for service-oriented products such as the hotels. For example china, due to china’s huge population and the opening of the country’s border to international travel, very important and significant impact will be seen in the hotel industry word wide. Thus understanding is being needed for the products that are being marketed, along with his change.

The P’s of marketing:

Organizations have to decide on a combination of tools that meet their objective and in which they can use against the competitor. Since early 1960’s most organizations have been using the four tools of marketing mainly Price, Product, Promotion and Place. …..

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