After you have investigated the questions, using a word processor, write a report to explain your findings and describe how your sport uses the concepts of physics that have been discussed throughout this course. Your report needs to include the answers found through your investigation and a works cited page listing the sources that you used to conduct your investigation. Be sure to format your works cited page properly and use correct MLA in-text citations in your report as described in the lesson discussion. Here are the questions: 1. What is the history of your sport? When and by whom was it invented? How much has it changed since it was first invented? (3 points) Soccer is one of the most well-known activities in the European countries. Some proof of soccer being a big activity is that during the Han Empire, people dribbled leather balls and throw them into a small net. Documented information also says that Romans and Greeks used to play with soccer balls for fun and to perform. Also, some information point to that in Asia, playing with soccer balls was a well-known game. There are lots of beliefs around who invented soccer; however lots of people agree that it was inspired by a game in China called ‘cuju’. It has changed a lot since it has been first invented, now modern days they play it but the ball is bigger and has air in it, while early times it was a leather ball. Also, nowadays the net is bigger than when it was invented and now it has a set of rules. 2. Describe the objects in motion in your sport. Do people move around a lot? Do they move in straight lines or do they change directions? Is a ball or other object the focal point of the game? (3 points) In the early times, soccer didn’t have any rules, the only aim was to get the ball in the target spot and many things like kicking, punching, biting was allowed. In the game, people move a lot and they also change direction. The focal point of the game was the ball and the main aim was to get it in the net. 3. What two things must be measured to determine the average speed of an object? Design a way to measure the average speed of a moving person or object in the sport. Describe how the athlete controls this speed. (3 points) To measure the average speed of the object, you have to measure the distance/time. To measure the average speed of a moving person, you’ll have to measure the distance he walked or ran and divide it by the time he took. The athlete can control this speed by measuring it before he starts moving and maintains a constant speed. 4. Review the definition of work. Try to identify and describe at least two examples of an action in which work is done in your sport. Remember, the force and distance moved must be in the same direction. What information would you need to calculate the amount of work done? (3 points) Work is the transfer of energy that occurs when a force makes an object move. One type of work in my sport is to make an object move; in my sport the person makes the soccer ball move. The second type of work is that the movement should be in the same direction as the force, in my sport the player kicked the ball and the ball goes in the same direction as the movement. To calculate the amount of work, I’ll need to know the force and the energy used. 5. Find at least one example of each of Newton’s laws of motion in your sport. Describe each example as clearly as possible. (3 points) In my sport soccer, Newton’s first law of motion is used. Newton’s first law of motion states that an object moving at a constant velocity keeps moving at that velocity unless an unbalanced net force acts upon it, and when the object is at rest it stays at rest unless an unbalanced net force acts on it. In soccer the ball is at rest until the player kicks it and when he kicks it, it stays moving until another player kicks it. 6. Find at least one example of energy transfer in your sport. Describe in detail how energy is transferred and conserved. (2 points) Energy transfer is the transfer of energy from one object or material to another. In my sport soccer, the player transfers energy to the ball. And energy is conserved, when the player isn’t kicking the ball. 7. Find at least one example of the use of simple machines in your sport. Describe which simple machine is being used and how it changes the effort force needed by the athletes. (3 points) A simple machine is a machine that does work with only one movement of the machine. In my sport soccer, the simple machine is the player and the only one movement is him kicking the ball.

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