Research paper Topic: Disease

Disease/Condition Outline


A. Introduction

1. States the disease that will be covered in the paper

2. States what areas will be focused on

B. Disease

1. Give the medical name of the disease, and include any “household” names for the disease.

2. Description of the disease.

3. What causes the disease(explain if the condition is inherited or caused by some environmental factor and also explain the affected body processes)?

4. History of the disease.

C. Symptoms

1.   Describe symptoms the individual could be experiencing with 
the      disease. If unfamiliar, describe.

  1.             2.  Visuals of individuals who exhibit physical symptoms of the 
disease could be placed here. (optional, but interesting)

D. Transmission of Disease

1. How is the disease passed from person to person?

2. How does an individual contract the disease?

3. Is the cause of the disease categorized as a virus, bacteria 
infection, etc.?

  1. Treatments
    1. Describe any and all treatments doctors are using to fight 
this disease.
    2. How do the treatments help the person suffering?
    3. What do the treatments do/attack for the patient 
    4. Length of time for treatment. Effects of the treatment.
    5. Any visuals addressing treatments may be placed here.
  2. Prognosis

1. Can your disease be cured for the patient?

2. Can an individual who suffers from this disease be cured and

live disease free for the remainder of their lives?

3. If not, can the person sustain somewhat of a normal life, even t        hough they are living with the disease?

4.What symptoms might the individual have to live with?

5.If the disease is terminal, what is the length of time an individual usually sustains life?

6. What quality of life will they be living, until the disease takes their life?


  1. Future
    1.  What research is currently being done to help fight your disease?
    2. Where is the research being done?
    3. If there is currently no cure for your disease, do scientists feel they will find a cure for the disease? Explain.
  1. References Used(apa or mla format is fine)

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