Pro Pornography

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Writing Assignment 1 – PORNOGRAPHY
Paper Topic  Pornography has an overall positive effect (or neutral effect) on men, women, and/or relationships

How to Excel on the Papers:  Make sure to consult the “mastering the persuasive essay” reading, example papers, and info below before starting to plan your paper.  Below are some key points/reminders for how to write a compelling paper:

1) Start strong:  All introductory paragraphs should A) have a hook to grab the interest of the reader, B) introduce the main claim/thesis that is derived from a theory or new combination of theories, and C)  have a clear roadmap that tells the reader precisely what arguments will be coming in the paper and the order of these arguments.
2) Finish strong and avoid platitudes:  Weak conclusions simply recap the arguments that were just made.  Strong conclusions take the next step of showing the implications of these arguments.  So your conclusion might say: Based on  X, Y, and Z, social comparison theory needs to be modified in W way.  OR Based on X, Y, and Z, it instituting a public policy that achieves W is critical.  Avoid vague platitudes like “we need more education to prevent X”- give specific, realistic implications and evidence-based suggestions.
3) Just the kitchen sink:  In a short paper it is important to have a focused argument with no digressions.  You have room to make two and maybe three key points fully.
4) Remember it is a test:  Essays are really another type of exam – testing whether you can apply or critique the course materials.  Make sure to use course materials in your essays!  You are encouraged to find outside resources to defend your claims or statements.  Use scientific research studies in defense of your points.
5) Theories drive science.  Often science/social science essays are asking you to defend or critique a theory, or to apply a theory to solve a problem.  Lead with the theory in your opening paragraph or two.  Creative papers combine different theories or concepts in new and different ways, or challenge or enhance these theories.
6) Be stylish. Vary your sentence structure.  Simple sentences can often be clearer than very long sentences with unnecessarily complicated words or phrasings.  Beware of trying to smush too many arguments into one paragraph.  Each paragraph should only contain one main argument, and this should be foreshadowed in the topic sentence (first or second sentence of the paragraph).  Paragraphs are generally 1/3rd to 2/3rds of a page long – if it is longer it should be broken up.  Use italicized headers to divide up your arguments.  Proofreed yur papr carefuly, its’ importnt.

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