Philosophy- Plato's Republic

Q1: give a brief statement of socrates’ version of the social contract theory. What are some of  the problems with his versions of the theory? How would you address these problems? would you attempt to revise his theory, or would you propose an alternative way of justifying the state? Discuss
Q2: Describe Platos scheme for communism in the Republic. (Discuss each of the main feathers of this way of living). Which classes, according to Plato, should practice this way of living? What justification does Plato offer for advocating communism? offer a brief critical evaluation of Plato’s communism.
Q3: What is Platos theory of justice in the Republic? How is it connected to his theory of the origin of society and the class structure of Platos perfect state?
Q4: What 2 reasons does Plato give for proposing to banish the imitative arts from his Republic? How is he position the arts relate to his Theory of Ideas and his position on the role of reason in human life and the goals of human living? Offer a brief critical evaluation of Platos position on the imitative arts?

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