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Project description
Below is my academic information. Please write the personal statement related to my story.

Intro : I immigrated to the United States in 2009 after waiting for 12 years to receive my green card. When I got here , It was a big change for me because I had to learn english which was a new language for me.
My interest in pursuing a career in health sciences started in high school when I chose science as my major in high school and got attracted to the anatomy of the body and how drugs interact with certain parts of the body.

What attracted me to pharamacy:

I pursued neuroscience as my major at UT Dallas. I got more attracted to pharmacology when I did a research on drug treatment of arterial hypertension, the contemporary medications and their interactions with the body. In addition, my favorite course during my bachelors was neuropharmacology when I got more familiar with how drugs interact with certain parts of the brain and how they have an impact on an animals behavior. Also, another trigger to my interest in pharmacology started when the medicines I tried failed to heal the acne I was dealing with during my puberty and therefore lowered my self-esteem. I visited different dermatologists and often I was prescribed different medications which most of them did not work effectively or had side effects that I had to stop using them. I did a lot of research on effective medications for acne .So I always had the thought of making a new medication one day that is the most effective with the least side effects compared to the other medication. In my opinion, Health is the greatest possession and I\’ve always had the passion to help people.

Was an Active member in neuroscience club ( Neuroscience Student Association )
Was part of the Collin College 2010 Fall Dean\’s List
Was part of the Collin College Fall 2011 Deans list and Spring 2011 and Spring 2012
Have a Certificate of dental assistant

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