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Proposal Essay. 
In this essay, you will examine a problem or issue and propose a solution.  You will use research from secondary sources with multiple perspectives.  Once you have reviewed and analyzed all possible outcomes, you will provide your audience with your solution.  This assignment will answer the question, “What should we do (or should not do)?”  Your goal is to write a proposal argument that offers a solution to a controversial issue/problem.  You will advocate that something should be done to address or alleviate a problem, and you will convince your audience of the action that needs to be taken.  Think about what bothers you or what you feel needs to be changed.

You will carefully identify and explain the problem and its significance.  Is this something you can live with or does it need to be addressed immediately.  You will acknowledge and consider alternative proposals and why they may or may not work.  Once you have examined several options, you will want to propose a solution that you think is best and give good reasons to support your proposed solution.  Is your proposal practical, affordable, ethical, feasible – ultimately – is it doable?
You must use two secondary sources and include a Works Cited page.  Your source material will add authority/credibility to your work.  Therefore, you must use reliable sources.  Source material should contribute something to your paper that you cannot: specific facts, additional clarification, authority in a specific area, emphasis to a point.

 The final draft should be 4-6 pages long (this does not include a cover page or Works cited page), typed, double-spaced and carefully proofread.  The paper should follow MLA format and have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.

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