My Story

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What’s My Story?

Introduction: You have read numerous stories regarding the hero and heroine motifs found in mythology. Everyone has a story; uncovering that story and using it can help you in a job interview.

Overview: You are expected to identify a skill or characteristic that you want future potential employers to be able to easily identify as a trait you possess. Honesty, reliability, ability to be a team player, are all examples of traits that could be used. (The trait selected will be dependent upon individual characteristics and student major). Once you have identified the characteristic, you need to develop a true, actual, real-life story, with you as the Hero. You can use this story to communicate your abilities to potential employers. For example, you may say in an interview that you are an honest person at work. The interviewer will say, “Can you give me an example of that?” This is where you tell this story.

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