Melissa virus

Use any other sources that you know of to conduct your research and be sure to use more than 1 source.

Requirements are to provide a MINIMUM 2-page report  answering the following:

Introduction – introduces the name of the virus, does the name of the virus tell you about its purpose, the types of virus’ selected, the source of your information, the year/date the virus originated,  etc.

Body – How did the viruses differ, how did the virus’ travel/affect the computer, how many businesses/persons were affected, what are potential symptoms of the virus, how much damage (in dollars) was caused by the virus is their still a risk out there? What is the solution to disinfect/remove, was there a work-around solution? How wide-spread was the virus?

Conclusion – What interested you about these viruses, were you affected by them or no anyone that was?

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