Malls in Dubai

            The author provides an insight in the transforming city of Dubai. The city has spectacular business malls- the bests in the Middle East. They are designed in a very spectaculars way to attract customers and this has seen the city become the best destination for people who want to shop. The number of malls being put up is increasing making the business of malls to risk over-saturation. The city has both small and big malls that serve the communities in the city. The design of the malls is also anchored on the historical themes which add magnificent architecture to them.

Business in Dubai employs different strategies in attracting clients.  Businesses yarn to expand and record higher profits. To attract and lure customer into buying their products, they use advertisements dominated by seductive slogans and images. Furthermore, the authors argue that, not all these spectacular buildings attract customers or are intended for the purposes of trading. Some of them are used as meeting and relaxing points.  The author arguments is that even with the spectaculars building, consumers will not be lured into blindfold purchasing of products in this capitalist exploitation city.

The author used a descriptive research methodology in his research. The author reviewed other people studies on the topic of discussing enabling him get a different points of view. This approach has enabled him to systematically come up with research findings that can be relied upon in gaining understanding about the city of Dubai. The author also referenced or used theoretical frameworks in explaining the behaviors of the consumers in the town. The fact that these malls are attractive and offer luxury products to the customers, does not means that customers will buy these products blindfold.

In summary, the author through the article provides the readers with a clear picture of what the city of Dubai is. He is engrossed with the design and architecture that has be used in the construction of malls. The business in malls has expanded with most designs borrowing on the historical designs which make the city to be spectaculars. Businesses are thriving using all sorts of advertisements in attracting clients to buy their products.  However, the malls, even though spectaculars, have not affected the behaviors of the consumers. For instance, in Ibh Batuta mall-one of the spectacular malls, consumers or mall visitors  are not lured to buying unnecessary items as they are not  triggered by the these appeals[1]. Therefore, the author Elsheshtawy argues that Dubai spectacular architectures should not be understood at phase value but it should be understood beyond what the world thinks about it.

In evaluation of the authors’ article, I agree that the author carried out enough research on the topic. The authors’ elaborates his findings and uses examples that exist. He further, brings varied views and suggestion from different scholars that have carried out studies on the city of Dubai. Furthermore, the author work is credible as he has cited other researcher’s works. This therefore, makes the work authoritative and reliable. The researcher has also presented his own views about the research. For instances, after engaging in a research, he provides his own perspective/views on the topic. He is opposed to the views by some researchers that the spectaculars malls trigger or lure customers into buying products/items that they have not planned to buy.

On the other hand, the article has some weaknesses. One of the weaknesses is failure of the researcher to explain the research methodology that he used in gathering of his data. Different research methods have advantages and disadvantages and vary with the nature of the information that is collected. Furthermore, research methodologies enable the research to be organized triggering quick understanding. By analyzing and comparing the views from different researchers and studies and presenting his own view on the topic, the researcher has demonstrated the best ways in which researches needs to be conducted.  Future researchers should endeavor to carry out an intensive research that should bring some insights to the topic under study and avoid digression or going outside the topic under study.  However, there is something that needs to be done in the research; the topic under investigation should be precise and insightful. It should provide extensive information on other areas under study.

In general, the author has tried to provide insights on the spectacle of Dubai urban. It is not just the building that dictates or controls people but their conscience and motivations are the ones that guide them in their life’s including shopping. Therefore, the authors have produced a well researched and balanced work that is recommendable to other researchers who may have interests in researching about Dubai.











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