Macdonald fast food outlets stores work environment

Findings and Discussion

The Macdonald fast food outlets stores have been the current fast food stores taking the shapes of many lives in the society by influencing peoples feeding habits in their life styles. According to my research, I came up with several findings. These findings I carried most of them manually, and did some research over the internet. In regard to manually, I conceded out an interview with some of the staff members, who in depth judged the Macdonald fast food outlets stores negatively, and summed up as they dehumanized its staff. In some of the methods I used on how to sample my findings on my research were by using oral and written questionnaires. I conducted oral interviews by asking them what the dangers they have experience at work, their work environment, as well as requesting them to fill the questionnaires.

In the oral interview, some of the queries were;

1. What challenges do you face with your supervisors at work?

2. Do your supervisors expect a lot from your output?

3. How many hours do you work per day?

4. Are you paid well when it comes over time payment?

5. Does your organization allow you to join any trade unions?

6. Do you undergo any in service training to acquire new skills to suit you with the current market trends?

7. Have you ever experience any violations of human rights at work?

8. Is there any gender in balances within your respective working departments?

9. Does your work interfere with your family planning’s and agendas?

10. Does the organizations work policy affect your day to day life style?

11. What are your suggestions on how to improve the company’s work output to enhance the growth of the organizations today and in the near future?

12. What’s your ambition and future position with this company in the next coming four to five years?

13. Would you encourage the management to introduce machines to increase work output to enhance product volumes?

14. Should the management concern include sports as part and parcel of the company’s activities to establish good relationship between the employees?

15 Do you believe the workers welfare is well taken care of in terms of allowances and remunerations perks?

I used the same questions in making questionnaires, and distributed to the outlets which I could not reach to the staffs manually. The feedback was less or more the same. The staffs were morally against the way the Macdonald’s handled their staff. McDonaldization imprisons people into an iron cage. This was the argument for 90% of the total feedback I got from the staff. They were much against the way their welfare was neglected and how they had no free time for their own. Their grievances were overwhelming and of considerable impact to my research. They needed intervention urgently. The staffs claimed to be oppressed by the management who turned a deaf ear to their plea. They felt halfway relieved for having someone ready to listen to their cry. The staffs were more than willing to avail to me any relevant information I wanted, thus they made my research successful. All they wanted is for me to attend to their issues, and try to come up with a long term solution, that would act as a savior to their predicaments.

As outlined in my literature review, in regard to the four dimensions used by the Macdonald, I merged all of them and came up with a finding that it is through these dimensions that the Macdonald uses to pin down its employees. For instance, as stated by Ritzer (2011) the dimension of efficiency which is finding the best way of getting from one point to another, Macdonald uses this dimension to corner employees who tend not to be much flexible hence go on and dehumanize them. The dimension of calculability is intensely used to demise employees by enforcing extra outrageous calculations of production, making it hard for the staff to overdo their duties in order to give extra sales. This has a negative performance for it makes the staff to work under pressure, hence poor and ineffective service delivery. Nevertheless, it is through this dubious means that, due to the panic a staff is exposed to, he or she ends up not performing to his or her best of ability.

In addition, Ritzer goes further and argues on the “irrationality of rationality”, which he terms to be the advantage and disadvantage of Weber and bureaucracies respectively. According to my findings, this is done through the process of rules and regulations that dictate what is done. Some of the advantages of formal rationality discussed by Ritzer are efficiency, increasing the quantification of things, predictability and control through the replacement of human judgment with rules and regulations. I found out this was a pull back to the staff, and was to the contrary dehumanizing them. Takaki lengthens the reasoning and describes this as, “placed in confinement, its emotions controlled, and its spirit subdued.” (Ritzer 2011: pg. 26). This aspect is evident with the employees of Walgreens; there are rules that dictate everything even how they respond to a customer. In my finding, I found evidently through the response I got from the employee that it was hard to express free utmost good faith to a customer without being called later for a warning and even threat.

Another issue at hand I found with the Macdonald is that they are more on quantity delivery. They are targeting on high numbers turnovers. When all you are worried about is putting up numbers, the quality of your work is going to fall (Ritzer 2011). Consequently, McDonaldization imprisons people into an iron cage. This is due to the fact that all they believed in was nothing less of improvement and growth in the society. They coiled that society was going to remain constant, without great impact of the technological advancement. In one of the live interview I held with one of the staffs, he told me that use of mobile phone was completely banned from their workstation, and communication of which ever kind with a non staff member was completely intolerable. It was in the same interview that I found out that staffs were not allowed to have any other source of income outside their jobs, and no investments whatsoever was allowed. Staffs were being handled in more or less manner like in the colonial error.

In my own understanding McDonaldization never allowed top level management interact freely with the junior staffs as depicted in one of the questionnaires were I gave room for criticism. It was clearly outlined that, for a junior to talk any issue to his or her superiors, he or she had to do a one or more weeks in advance booking of an appointment to be allowed to do so. In addition, staffs were only allowed to bring to table issues only affecting the organization directly. Any staff affairs or welfare consideration was put to a later date which never materialized.

Another mode that McDonaldization imprisons people in is that it maneuvers some incompetence ways to make people work in machine like manner. By this the staffs are overworked and made to work of overtime which at all times goes unnoticed. Additionally, it is also on this point that McDonaldization invests heavily in research trying to discover machines which can work more effectively and efficient than the human labor available. Its main target is to lay off some staff members, who according to them are non-performers. I discovered this from a live interview I conducted with a tensed staff who said that his line of duty was in utensil cleaning, and there had been bought a machine which this staff argued was going to defiantly show him the door.

With my intensive and thorough research, I devised up a mechanism on how to come into terms with the McDonaldization. I perceived a situation where the staff could have a working renewable written contract. In this, the staff would have their rights followed on a written constitution, signed and sworn in through an Anthony. By so doing, staff would work in conducive environment free from threats and pressure. This would also allow the staff to have benefits such as have medical, house and other crucial allowances. Also remunerations control would be put into consideration, and staff would have a motivation to work. Apart from the staff benefits, this would also ensure growth and prosperity of the organization. This is due to the fact that, the staffs, who are the key contributor to the development of the firm, are well capacitated and motivated, hence being reproductive.

In a nutshell, McDonaldization of Walgreens has dehumanized its employees, and there is need for an urgent action to be taken to rescue the oppressed staffs that are hardly aware of their abused rights. It came to my attention that the staffs were suffering innocently in the hands of McDonaldization. With the right constitution, the rights of the staffs would be well taken care of.

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