Juvenile Justice and Deliquency

1. What is macro-level oppression? Provide an example

2. Some scholars, such as Becker, contend it is the social reaction to behavior that is more important than behavior itself in terms of shaping delinquency. Do you agree or disagree? Support your position.

3. Would a more egalitarian society envisioned by Marx (one with approximate economic equality) eliminate most delinquency?

4. Do you agree with Thornberry’s theory as to why youths join street gangs? Why or why not?

5. What is police discretion? What are the factors that impact an officer’s decision to make an arrest? Should law enforcement officers have the ability to practice discretion? Why or why not?

6. Explain the philosophy of community policing. Do you feel that this is an effective way to utilize law enforcement resources to address delinquency?

7. What is restorative justice? Do you feel that restorative justice is a viable alternative to the traditional approach of punishing juvenile offenders?

8. Explain the difference between youth courts and juvenile courts

9. Discuss the benefits generated by home confinement as compared to juvenile incarceration

10. Define and explain the models of delinquency prevention. Which model do you feel is the most effective? Why?

11. Discuss the factors affecting the effectiveness of delinquency prevention programs. What do you feel would make an effective delinquency program?

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