Into the Wild film analysis

Using the 5 Factor Model rating sheet, evaluate the main character on the 5 factors and 30 facets.

What historical events contribute to the choices the main character makes? (Situational factors that influenced the outcome, Did situational factors enhance the pre existing personality traits?) What was the most important in determining the outcome: Situational factors or personality factors?

Personality traits that influenced outcome which traits possessed by the main character most influence the outcome?

Motives of the main characters? Why did they do what they did?

Goals and Values of the main characters?

A short description of the story and events in the story.

Describe his family of origin. What is his relationship like with his mother, father and siblings? How did his family history contribute to the choices he made?

What would you say his attachment style is?

What is the quest that he is on? What are his goals and what is he seeking?

What do you think is the message of the film narrative? What was the lesson to be learned?

From a psychological viewpoint, what factors contributed to his death? How did his values or goals contribute to the outcome?

Using Erikson’s 8 stages of life, describe what stage of life the main character is in. Did he move from one stage to another during the course of the film?

Describe the character in terms of agency and communion.

How did the main character change during the course of the film? Did he experience a transformation by the end of the film?

Freud wrote about the Oedipal complex. Analyze the film from the point of view of an unresolved Oedipal complex. From a symbolic view what would “nature” represent and what would “society” represent?

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