Your third ePortfolio Assignment involves the development of a personal exploration into and reflection on two of the learning objectives for the EDUC 1300 course, which you have studied — recognizing the need for information, finding it, evaluating it, and using it effectively and responsibly for the problem at hand, and developing the capacity to make ethical judgments and take responsibility for their actions.
Your assignment is to present your considered view of what it means to be a person of integrity. Your analysis should include both a general idea of what this person would be like, and a specific idea of how a person of integrity lives her or his life. You should include examples from specific contexts such as “a person of integrity at work” and “a person of integrity as a student.” This is a Research Paper and therefore should include all the components of a Research Paper.
You have a great deal of flexibility in how you approach this particular issue/problem; however, you must meet the following minimum requirements:
1) You must demonstrate your ability to use reliable and relevant resources from at least 3 separate sources;
2) You must draw some connection between your exploration into the idea of integrity and the course reading assignment on Ethical Decision-Making;
3) You must demonstrate some creativity in presenting your view of integrity (e.g. you can create and present mock interviews with real or imagined people who you consider to be reliable authorities about integrity or people you consider to have integrity, use multiple media approaches to the issue; create external links, etc.). In short, let your creativity show

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