Information Technology Security: A Behavioral Approach

Goal: The literature review is meant to help understand what has been done
previously in the above-mentioned topic. The literature review also guides the
formulation of research questions and interpretation of the results.
Structure: I expect you to cover the following sections.
First section: This is introductory section, which explains, “What do we mean by
Information Technology Security?” You need here to cite different definitions
according to your reviewed articles. Then, you should compare and contrast these
definitions. In other words, in what sense are these definitions similar and in what
sense are these definitions different.
Second section: This section covers, “Why people in organizations (e.g. banks) do not
comply with information technology security rules and procedures.” It’s about the
motive behind information technology breaches. For example, although people might
be willing to follow the system, due to the rigidity of the system those people do not
comply with the rules and procedures. In other words, the system is seen as a barrier
to accomplishing job activities.
Third section: This section lists different examples of information technology
breaches. These examples could be at an individual, departmental and/or
organizational level.
Please note: Sections two and three to a large extent address the factors that help
information technology security systems to be more effective and the factors that may
reduce the effectiveness of information technology security systems (i.e. promote
information technology breaches).
Fourth section: This section discusses the methodology of the reviewed articles. I
suggest using the following table:

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