Impressionism and post impressionism on modern painting

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Impressionism and post impressionism on modern painting        

In the field of painting, there have been various developments and eras that have been in existence since the earliest times. Amongst these eras are impressionism and post impressionism eras. Impressionism era existed between 1863 and 1890. On the other hand, post impressionism existed between 1886 and 1905. The two eras have been characterized with having difference when it came to the impact they have on the modern day painting. Some people are quoted saying that impressionism is the first era to portray the modern era of painting we have today. Their bases of arguments is on the bases that the usage of light, which is commonly used in today’s painting started it this era. Another point of reasoning behind this is the fact that the inclusion of the public in deciding the best panting instead of judges also makes campaigners of this generation continually emphasize on the notion that the new generations of painting find its bases from this era. In addition, the fact that nude paintings started during this era is also a reason of this era being the base of the modern day painting.

On the other hand, the campaigners of the post impressionism era have their basis of arguments on the developments that occurred in this era. To start with, in this era the painters were keen in ensuring that they gave structure to the paintings that were done in this period. In addition to that, these painters were also instrumental in painting real life subject matter, which was not done in the previous paintings. The painters in this generation were also known to have a sense of including geometrical shapes in their painting. The painters in this era are said to have more freedom in doing their paintings as well as bringing simplification in their paintings. Also notable in this era is the fact that some painters in the impressionism era joined the post impressionist era and were involved in transforming the paintings. Post impressionism painters were also younger and more refined painters; no wonder they were more dives in their painting.

The two painting eras have major impacts in the modern day paintwork. However, the impressionism has more benefits to the modern day painting and can be deemed as the bases of the modern day painting. The reasoning behind this is the fact that most of the developments accomplished during this period are what is practiced today. For one, the changing of the mode of accessing painting came about in this era. The meaning of this has to do with the fact that in today’s painting, the paintings are put in a galley to the public to access the best painting. The same is reflected during the sale of the painting as the sale is usually done in an auction where the price is determined by the public. Another contribution of the impression era is that there was the freedom to include all mode of painting even nude ones. The fact that in today’s world there is no restriction even to include nude painting in our galleries was as a result of the ancient time impressionism era. The usage of light as an element of expression which is also continued today was started in the impressionism era. Actually, in today’s world, almost all the painting embrace the usage of light as part of their expression. The above mentioned contributions of the impressionism era reflect what is practiced today. It is therefore safe to conclude that the impressionism era has more to offer in the modern day painting than the post impressionism era. The fact that the post impressionism era also found its bases from impressionism era is reason enough to conclude that impressionism era has more in contribution to modern painting than post impressionism.

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