How active a role should the government play in the economy? Can the economy take care of itself with minimal interference or does the government have some constructive role to play? How regulated should the financial system be?

Words: 214
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to take a position on a current events topic and, using research, make a convincing argument to support that position.

Learning Outcomes:
•    To argue your position in a clear and influential way.
•    Engage in writing as a process.  Consider who your intended audience is, and then draft a narrative to speak to them.  Revise, edit, and proofread your first and second drafts.
•    Use grammatical, stylistic, and mechanical formats and conventions appropriate for a variety of audiences.

Assignment:  This assignment builds upon the subject that you have done or will do your persuasive presentation on.  You are to take the subject that you presented on in class and write a thoroughly supported essay to argue your side of a debatable issue.

The world is in a state of constant debate.  For that reason, your class participation will be more important than ever; not because I will grade your participation any differently than before, but because you will be participating in a much larger international discussion.  To put it differently, by participating in class discussions you will not only engage in debate on your own and others’ topics in this class, but in some small way you will also be participating in the ongoing worldwide discussion of important issues.

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