Words: 502
Pages: 2
Subject: Essays

Use the book “American Destiny, Volume 2” as a source!!!
1. Define all of the following:

A. Foxwoods casino

B.Burlingame Treaty, 1868


D.Sand Creek massacre, 1864

E.Fetterman massacre, 1866

2.With reference to Native Americans, “concentration” meant—-> Fill in the blank.

3.Why awere Plains Indians called “the best light cavalry in the world”?

4.4.Define all of the following:

A. Indian Ring

B.Custder’s Last Stand

C.Indian teritory

D.Severalty Act, 1887

E. Comstock Lode

5.Which one does not belong here and why? THINK.

A.Deadwood Dick

B.Jesse James

C.Billy the Kid

D.George A. Custer

6.What was the goal of the Homestead Act? Was it a success? Why/ why not? What was the 98 degree line?

7.What was the transcontinental railroad? How many were there really? Why was its building significant for the “winning of the West”?

8. The railroads made the “Cattle Kingdom” possible. How? What events, inventions brought about the “Kingdom’s” decline?

9.What were the range wars?
10.Who were the “robber barons”?

11.Define the following:

A. George Westinghouse

B.George Eastman

C.Thomas Edison

D.Henry Bessemer

E. George Pullman

12.Railroads helped build the country and conquer the West. They also did some unsavory things as well. Explain your answer.

13.What were the origins of the U.S. Steel Corporation?

14.—-is to steel who —- is to oil. Who are these people? Why were they important?

15.What is “Social Darwinism”? Why is it relevant to this chapter? Does the “Gospel of Wealth” apply here?

16.Which one does not belong here and why?

A.Henry George

B. J.P. Morgan

C. Henry D. Lloyd

D.Edward Bellamy

E. Karl Marx

17. The case of Munn vs. Illinois was important because…. Complete that statement.

18.The Sherman Act successfully retarded the growth of monopoloies. Explain your answer.

19. Which one does not belong here and why?

A.Samuel Gompers

B.Terence Powderly

C.Jay Gould

C.Eugene Debs

D.Adolf Strasser

20.There were several violent labor disoputes during the period 1877-1900 but the worst by far was the —  because…. Complete that statement. There are several possible choices so be sure to explain your answer.

21.What did you learn about sex in this time period? About gender?

22.What jobs/professions were open to women, ca. 1890? Was life on the farm any easier?

23.The idea of”rags to riches” success permeated the literature of the period, but how real was it?
24.Who were the “new Immigrants”? Why did they come?

25.Define the following:

A.birds of passage



D.melting pot


26.The new types of roads and the types of transportation transformed city life. Why? How?

27.Increased leisure had an upside and a downside. Why?

28.What was the “Social Gospel”? What conditions brought it about? Explain thwe ideas of two of its leaders.

29.The most famous settglement house was…. because…. Complete that statement. Be sure to define what a settlement house was.

30. Two prominent critics of these times were … and …. Name them, their major works and their  key ideas.

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