Food Security

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Food Security

More than ever before, food security is a major issue of concern which has drawn the attention of various government leaders and global organizations. In fact, world population has increased at an alarming rate, and as a result, the need to create enough food reserves is becoming increasingly urgent internationally. Closely connected to this issue is the destruction of environments, which has created uncertainty about food security for the future generations (Wiebe, 14). Therefore, an effective food policy is overdue to address these concerns and in turn, cushion mankind from the effects of food shortages such as hunger, starvation and malnutrition. Nonetheless, protecting the world’s population from the pangs of hunger requires the formulation and implementation of effective food policies aimed at increasing food productivity, more especially in the third world countries.  Accordingly, the Toronto Food Policy that was established in 1991 for this goal- increasing Toronto’s food productivity- is the paper’s pint of focus.

Over the years, tremendous progress has been realized in Toronto since the creation and implementation of the policy in 1991. The main aim of the policy was to enhance food security, create environmental friendly activities, promote community development and improved nutrition. Hence, the Toronto Food Policy had a clear mission which aimed at a food system that avails equitable food access, environmental health, community development as well as nutrition. Its aim has therefore been to afford humanity secure food for the future and alleviate poverty and suffering (Toronto Food Policy Council, 1).

In working towards this end, a lot of efforts have been put in the establishment of an effective food policy in Toronto to cushion the expanding population against food shortages. One such move is the focus on public health to address increasing concerns about environmental destruction. Indeed, according to Toronto Food Policy Council (2004, para. 1), “Toronto was one of the originators of, and among the first world cities to sign onto, the United Nations’ Healthy Cities movement.” In addition, the Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC) was created in 1991 in Toronto city. Despite the fact that the food policy council was created in the absence of federal government leaders, TFPC has been instrumental in establishing partnerships with business institutions as well as community groups for the development of programs to promote food security. Generally, the aim of the council is to create a food system that provides equal distribution of food, whilst maintaining a good environment. Similarly, the nutrition of the people is a very important issue and the council also aims at promoting developmental needs of the communities involved in the policy (Toronto Food Policy Council, para. 2).


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