Face-to-Face vs. Virtual Teams – Issues in Communication, Power, and Politics


  1. Write a 10-12 page paper (12 pt, 1.5 spacing) describing virtual teams as compared to face to face teams. Address the following questions in your paper:
    1. How do virtual teams experience the stages of team development?
    2. How do virtual teams communicate effectively and build trust?
    3. How do the dimensions of power and politics play out within the team?
    4. What role does technology play to improve virtual team effectiveness? Does the reliance on technology create any new challenges that face to face teams don’t encounter?


  1. Provide examples from the research, as well as from your own experiences, that illustrate each of the significant dimensions of communication, power, politics and trust and explain why these dimensions are important to be aware of when working in virtual teams.
  1. Review the grading rubric at the end of this document for guidance in completing your case study. Please feel free to contact your instructor if you have any questions.

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