Ethical theory i am against

The paper is a short essay on one of the ethical theories that we have or will be discussing this
semester. Pick only one of these theories for your paper. In addition to including a brief
introduction and conclusion (see guidelines #2 and #3 below), here is what you need to do.
First, provide a brief, clear and accurate statement of the ethical theory that you are going
to cover in your paper. As much as possible, state the ethical theory in your own words; do not
just rely on quoting the course texts. Try to keep this summary section short so that you have
more space for the next sections. This section should be no longer than one paragraph.
Second, provide a brief, clear and accurate statement of the target argument. The target
argument of your paper is an argument for or against one of the theories mentioned above. We
looked at and you read about several arguments for and against each of those theories, so you
have plenty from which to choose. You need to pick one, and only one, of those arguments and
in this section, provide a clear and accurate statement of it. Make sure you identify the premises
and conclusion of the target argument. This section should be no longer than one paragraph.
Third, attack the target argument. In this section, you need to clearly state and develop your
argument against the target argument. Make sure you clearly identify your premises and your
conclusion. Do not just repeat one of the arguments that we have talked about in class. Present
your own reasons for rejecting the argument. (If you are wondering how to attack an argument,
the Philosophical Methodology Handout should prove helpful here.)
As far as your audience goes, you should take your audience to be one of your peers who knows
nothing about the ethical theory in question. Write so that by the end of reading your paper, your
peer will understand the theory in question, the target argument and your argument.

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