Discrimination in the Class room

2    Performance: Analyze current literature related to issues of equity.
Assignment: Written paper. It is a final research paper within your particular area of interest (Please consult with me on the topic in the initial stage). This is a review of the published literature encompassing a critical look and understanding of a specific multicultural and diversity issue present in the contemporary society. Both, pros and cons of the topic embraced are to be included. It also includes information regarding methods of increased educational efficiency towards equity in the classrooms. This might serve as the beginning of an exploration of a topic you want to research, or an article you want to submit for publication. (Note: 10 –ten articles from peer-reviewed sources are to be included in the paper in addition to the textbooks required). It is also mandatory to include in the body of the written paper a (critical) theory (known from the “theories of learning” course, or philosophical and social foundations class, e.g., theories of Vygotsky, Bandura, Piaget, Gardner, Freire’s-critical theory, etc.) related to addressing equity, respect,  and understanding for the topic described.

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