Cultural Presentation

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Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

The goal of this project is to explore cultural/ethnic diversity throughout the world. Ethnicity means a sizable group of people sharing a common cultural heritage, such as: national, historical, religious, and/or linguistic characteristics. There are literally hundreds of choices including: Native Americans, Indians, Italians, Jamaicans, Germans, Chinese, Jews, Greeks, the Amish, Cajuns, Hawaiians, Laotians, Africans, Mexicans, Yanomamo, Aborigines, San Bushman, Eskimos/Inuit, etc.

********* Minimum of 15 slides *********
* I have 15 minutes to present this powerpoint and 5 minutes with questions and answers at the end.
*I have attached an example that the professor provided of what they are looking for.  Model like the example of if you would like, can be more creative
*Include a list of your resources on the last slide. Resources can include: articles, books, documentaries, internet URLs, pictures, music, personal interviews, etc.
*Creativity with slides and multimedia is encouraged.

Ideas to focus on with one culture:
–focus on 1 (or 2) topics
dance, music
production, occupations
gender roles
cultural change
family life
clothing, style
healing practices
language, symbols
personal space

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