Critical thinking Topic:i FISCAL POLICY/ BMAL WEEK 7

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Subject: Essays

Critical Analysis Template Instructions

This template is an alliterated mnemonic device for the critical analysis of information.  The alliterated format is used to assist in ordering and recalling data relevant to a subject.  It can be utilized from memory, if necessary, when presenting a speech, leading a discussion, sitting for an interview, or writing a paper.  It can also be used as the foundation for a formal research paper, a speech, or some other forum, for example, such as a talk show interview


The Critical Analysis Template is a research tool that will enable you to have a workable command over a selected topic.  It is designed to organize essential information in a logical and orderly array of categories, which can be amplified to any realistic degree.  The format, with explanations, is located at the end of this document.

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