Creative writing Topic: Sacred Space

Note: There will be two parts to this essay; you must include both parts for the assignment to be complete.

Part 1. What is your sacred space? Stephen Dunn writes in his poem, “The Sacred” that when the boy reveals his place to be his car “the truth/had been spoken.” Write a 4-5 page expository essay that explores every aspect of your sacred space and also attempts to find the “truth” of that space as it relates to you.

There are a few ways to approach this essay, and like Aldous Huxley you might consider the mixture of personal, factual, and universal material that makes up an essay. Think about:

  • The history of the place
  • The way other people use the space
  • How the natural landscape—or urban construction—contributes to its use or seclusion
  • Is this space on the verge of changing? Is there something that threatens this space?
  • How society uses this space—is it public or private?

You might find yourself exploring the people who inhabit that place, or a special person who has kinship with it for whatever reason. Perhaps the place is significant only to you, in which case you might consider telling the story of how that significance came to be.

Your essay should have a central message, or focus, that is clear to the reader. Two drafts of this essay must be included with your final draft.

Part 2. Using a different method or medium, share your sacred space with your reader. This might be a photograph of the space, or a drawing. It could be a song composed by you that is inspired by the space or written in the space. It could be a short video of the space. Be creative. Then, write a short (1-2 paragraph) essay explaining why the method or medium chosen is the best way to present/capture your space.

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