Coursework Topic: Statistical research (Mathmatic

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Pages: 2
Subject: Essays

Create a single sample t test including null and alternate hypotheses. What do you expect to find if we ran the study? Would we reject the null hypothesis? If we rejected the null, what would we learn from the measure of the effect size?

  • Problems 2, 12, 18, and 25 on pages 210–212
  • Problem 8 on page 231.

This information is only for completing problem # 2.

State whether each of the following could be a null hypothesis:

(a) X   =67; (d)   910.
#2 Page 210


State whether each of the items in problem 1 could be an alternative hypothesis, and if so, whether it would indicate a one-tailed or a two tailed test.

#12 Page 210

Two years ago, a complete survey of all students in large university indicated that the mean number of cigarettes smoked per day by male students was 8.3 with a standard deviation of 3.7.  The director of student health services wishes to determine whether or not smoking habits among male students at the university have changed over the 2 year period.  She obtains the following results for the men from a recently selected random sample of students (in cigarettes smoked per day): = 7., n = 108. (a) Set up H˳ and Hͣ (B) Perform the statistical test (a = .05). (c) Draw final conclusions.

#18 Page 211

The PTA at Central High School is concerned that students who graduate from the school do not score as well on mathematics achievement test, on average, as do students from other schools in the district.  To address their concerns, the school principal randomly selects 15 students from the graduating class and administers the standardized mathematics achievement test used in that school district.  The mean score for graduating students in the school district is 98.  The scores of the 15 students from Central High are as follows.

105   98    101   110   96    103   104   101

98    105   112   95    105   100   108

(a) State formally the hypotheses necessary to conduct a non-directional test.  (b) Complete the test at the .05 level of significance and state your conclusion.


#25 Page 212

An industrial / organizational psychologist used a new training program designed to improve basic work skills. The training program is typically judged as effective if average scores on a basic work skills test exceed 80.  The industrial/organizational psychologist obtained a random sample of participants who recently completed the training program, then administered to them a work skills test.  Their scores on the test are given in Data 12A.  (a) State the null and alternative hypothesis best suited to the nature of the psychologist’s inquiry.  (b) Using IBM SPSS test the null hypothesis at the .01 level of significance and state your conclusions.


83    85    87    84    94    82

78    81    87    94    97    86

85    85    82    84    84    88

85    88    91    77    78    82

82    84    75    86    90    75

74    86    85    89    82    77

79    87    82    83    86    94

78    87    92    89    80    79

88    82    87    90    88    88

80    87    83    82    89    89





#8 Page 231

With regard to Data 13A, (a) If ɑ = .05 and true = 83.0, what is β? What is the power of the test?  (b) If ɑ  = .01 and true = 83.0, what is β? What is the power of the test?




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