Coursework Topic: (Antonio) Security Manager Interview

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Pages: 1
Subject: Sample papers

Interview a manager of security personnel.

Use the questionnaire provided in Appendix F to record responses in detail. Space has been provided for additional questions, but be sure to record any additional questions as well as the responses.

Complete Part II once all answers have been recorded.

Security Manager Interview


Contact a security manager and conduct the interview listed in Part I (space has been provided for extra questions, should you ask any). Once the interview has been completed, answer the questions in Part II.

Part I: Interview Questionnaire
1.    Can you briefly describe your current position, its duties, and responsibilities?
2.    What is your hiring procedure like for personnel?
3.    Is there any type of pre-employment screening?
4.    What qualifications do you require of applicants?
5.    How extensive is the training period and process?
6.    What type of training manual do you use? What is included in this manual?
7.    What are some of the things included in your policy and procedures manual?
8.    How often is this manual updated?
9.    What kind of supervision or management do personnel receive?
10.    What kind of ongoing training or professional development do personnel receive?
11.    <additional question>
12.    <additional question>
13.    <additional question>
Part II: Interview Summary:

Write a 350- to 500-word summary of your impressions. For the summary, consider the following questions: Did anything surprise you? What did you learn from the security manager that was not in your text? How important do you think policies and procedures are in security management? Why?

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