consumer behavior

The purpose of this project is for you to apply the consumer behavior topics covered in this course to a real-world marketing problem (I already chose the NHL and NHLPA lockout upsetting loyal fans.) The assignment is to prepare a report, not to exceed 5 double-spaced pages, in which you identify the relevance of consumer behavior to an industry or company of your choosing. You may include additional pages of tables, figures, or other supplemental materials.
Using a minimum of three sources such as Fortune, Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, etc., identify a current marketing issue related to a consumer product or service. The aim is to analyze the consumer behavior inherent in some real-world situation and develop marketing recommendations based on that analysis.
A. What is (are) the marketing problem(s)
You should identify the key marketing problem you will address in your project.  Identifying examples of the problem will help you focus your project. You may use examples – photographs, commercials, promotions, etc.
B. Consumer behavior issues
You should identify the specific consumer behavior issues that are relevant to the marketing problem you have identified.  It is important to be quite specific in your problem definition (e.g., are the issues related to consumer attitudes, cognitive decision making, or perception?).
C. Consumer analysis/Recommendations
The heart of your project is your creative analysis of the basic consumer behavior issues involved in your marketing problem.  You should apply concepts, models, and theories we have discussed during the semester (e.g. perception, decision-making, attitude formation, social influences, etc…).  Use these concepts to study, understand and explain the issues you are focused on.
Be sure to clearly describe the marketing recommendations that you would make based on your analysis of relevant consumer behavior phenomena. For instance, how would you package your product in a way that maximizes impact given what you know about attention and perception?  How would you promote your product given the level of involvement your target market has in your product and the decision-making process your target consumers follow?
You will be evaluated on your choice of consumer behavior issues relevant to the marketing problem, the creative way in which you study those issues, your use of specific concepts from the textbook and class discussions, and the strategies that you recommend.  Assume the audience for your paper has read the textbook and other readings for this course and attended the class lectures/discussions.
A clear writing style that follows the guidelines of APA is required and proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are expected.

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