Complete a three-day food diary.

Part I: Three-Day Food Log

Complete a three-day food diary. Choose three days, including two weekdays (workdays) and one weekend (non-workday) day as close together as possible, and write down everything that you eat and drink and the quantity (portion sizes) in common household measurements (cups, ounces, grams, etc).

Try to eat as normally as possible these days. (You will not be graded on how healthy your diet is.) Be sure to include everything such as condiments, sauces, beverages, and so on.

Try to write what you’ve eaten or drank immediately after you have consumed it. It can be difficult to accurately recall what you have consumed and how much from days previous or at the end of the day.

Food logs should be typed and submitted into Assignments. Each day should be clearly labeled with the day of the week and the actual date the log was taken. You must include current dates within the session dates of this course. You will receive no credit (0 for the assignment) if the dates do not fall within the dates for this course session. Below the date, include one line for each food item and the quantity consumed.

For example:

Day of the Week—Month Day, Year
Cheerios: 1 cup
2% milk: 1 cup
Apple: 1 small

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