“CHIVAS REGAL” Advertisement Textual Analysis

Words: 178
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

Advertising is an essential means of marketing products. It is a major tool used to create awareness to the people who are the targeted market of a particular product. It is done on televisions, radios, newspapers, magazines and even on bill boards. The advertisement’s major purpose is to inform their targeted market on the existence of the product in the market and try to give reasons—through using a persuasive language—why the potential consumer needs to use the product and not the others. As a powerful resource of informing and getting attention, advertisements are widely exhausted by manufacturers. Among these are alcohol manufacturers who produce what is considered the most attractive advertisements that the world has today. As witnessed in both the “Three Olives Vodka” and the “CHIVAS REGAL” advertisements, there exists a positive association between the specific elements featured in an alcohol advertisement and the overall likeability of the advertisement together with the subsequent ad effectiveness suggested by the purchase drift towards the product and brand advertised.

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