chartre cathedral, Paris

Chartres cathedral whose full name is Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres is located about 60 miles south-west of Paris in a medieval town known by the same name – Chartres. The present day cathedral was constructed between 1193 and 1250 and it is one of the most remarkable accomplishments in the history of architecture. Its panoptic sequence of portal sculpture is almost perfectly preserved according to its initial design and details since it conveys an unadulterated image of its original look with fully intact and glowing stained-glass windows.

In addition to its magnificent architectural prowess, Chartres Cathedral is also a major pilgrimage destination rooted in the Christian faith since the middle ages. It has withered a very vulnerable history captured by an exquisite preserved architecture over centuries of an atmosphere of conflict and medieval occupations to emerge as an altar of awe and holiness that overwhelm even its atheist visitors.

Formal analysis

The Chartres Cathedral appears to hover in midair over a settlement looking city clustered around the point where the cathedral stands.

The Photo of the exterior, main façade of the Chartres Cathedral plan is inspired by the basic form of a Latin cross with three aisles, an ambulatory and a short transept. The towering nave appears to be held up by double flying buttresses which are chiefly grounded by colonnades and a series of masonry supports that directly receive thrust from the underlying arches. These bridges are then made light in appearance by filling the niches with sculptured stone. The third row of buttresses which was reportedly added in the 14th century is supported by the apse,


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