Challenges and prospects of conventional ship finance in the current context of the shipping industry”.

Words: 218
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays
  1. Overview – The major written project will challenge each student in analyzing and evaluating different ship financing methods as addressed by the topic selected by the instructor. The student’s personal interpretation of the prevailing conditions and well founded assumptions about the future prospects are welcome and should also be offered. The topic to be analyzed is “Challenges and prospects of conventional ship finance in the current context of the shipping industry”.
  1. Learning Outcomes — Successful completion of this project will contribute to the student’s proficiency in the following learning outcomes:
  • Describe the fundamentals of shipping finance market.
  • Identify the structure of typical banking loans.
  • Assess a ship finance transaction.
  • Integrate other pertinent issues involved in shipping finance, e.g. legal framework, tax, environment and insurance related aspects.
  1. 3.    Content – The following content is suggested for the analysis of the topic proposed.  You must, of course, use you own good judgment, also, as the content and material should be presented in a way that is most clear and helpful to the reader/decision maker.  Please remember that the following are suggestions, but you are not limited to them. Your work should be robust.
  • Market conditions: Recognize the current state of the shipping industry (i.e. phase and characteristics of the shipping cycle) and identify the respective ship financing landscape.


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